Products and Services

Truck Treating

Typical Application
1-15 bbls – Monthly
15-120 bbls – EOW > 120 Weekly
Flush volume varies between 5-10 bbls Target is 60 ppm based on total fluid.

Oil Treating

Typical Application
Demulsifiers: Continuous injection at header at 30-360 ppm Tank Bottom Compound: Batch treated 1 gal. per 100 bbls oil.


Typical Application
Hot Water: 15 gal. added to 70 bbls.
Hot Oil: 10 gal. added to 70 bbls.
Batch Treating: 10 gallons added to 5-10 bbls.

Water Treating

Typical Application
Iron/solids control: KSW-505, KSW-5051 or KSW-508 ppm cont. inj. at 100-500 ppm.
Scale Control: KSIW-624N, KSIW-625S, KSIW-625SS cont. inj. at 15-30 ppm.
Water Quality Waterfloods: INC-44150w cont. inj. At 20 ppm.

Continuous Downhole

Typical Application
Continuous injection at 60-80 ppm with a slip stream flush.


Typical application
Batch and soak or batch and circulate applications to remove scale.

Frac. Chemicals

Frac Water has very low chlorides levels. The chlorides can be used to determine when the majority of the frac fluid has returned.
Frac fluids may cause clay swelling, scale and bacteria problems. Kel-Tech provides chemicals to control these problems during the frac process.


Sticks (CS-410, etc.)
Pails (KCW-224, etc.)
30/30 jobs (KSW-505, etc.)
KSRW 500 Treatments
Acid jobs (HCL, etc.)
H2S towers (K-1721C)
Kill Jobs (Bact.)
De-foamer (KDW-101)
Packer Fluid (KCW-1725)
Liquid KCL (KCW-1701)
Special Jobs
Containment trays
Drum Racks